Mining and minable coins

The mining formation that started with the production of Bitcoin in 2009 was a rapidly growing sector.

Today there are hundreds of coins & tokens excavated. As the world of Cryptocurrency grows rapidly, new digestible coins & tokens multiply rapidly every passing day.

While there are so many options, there are not many coins that can be profitable between all of them.

We will create a system to search for these invisible coins and find out the options that will generate profits and list them according to profit rate.

Later on the miner will only choose the winners according to their own systems and win faster.

The list will be updated instantly according to the changing difficulty grade and stock market values.

0% Commission RAM Pool

RAM is the first service that will be provided to the owners of the RAM pool.

RAM token owners do not pay commission fees in the RAM pool.

More efficient mining in the direction of analysis will be possible.

Thus, they will be able to easily identify new or old coins that will generate profits.

Determine the coin you are most profitable to dig according to your system and start processing.

RAM pool memberships will be open to everyone.

But RAM token owners will have more privileges.

RAM ASIC Farm Partnership

Most of the revenue from RAM token sales will be used for ASIC farming.

The ASIC farm revenue will be distributed to the owners of the RAM token over the system created.

With some of the incomes, the ASIC farm will be updated .

Thus, an additional profit will be generated for RAM token owners.

The energy required for ASIC farming will be provided by the power plant using solar panels and wind turbines.

We think that ASIC farms that do not produce their own energy will encounter different problems after a while.

RAM ASIC Farm Partnership

RAM token owners get mining profits without spending money on mining.

They do not take risks that could be related to hardware.

It is impossible to win the block prize with the individual mining. .

But the block reward is achieved with the power created in this system.

When you include yourself in the system, you are going to start earn money because you own RAM tokens.

RAM Token Distribution


700,000,000 RAM

Reserved for future updates

200,000,000 RAM

Reserve for sale

500,000,000 RAM

1# Pre-sale

75,000,000 RAM

2# Pre-Sale

100,000,000 RAM

3# Pre-Sale

125,000,000 RAM


200,000,000 RAM

Road Map

RAM Token - 2018